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January Zion Duo Challenge 2 Mile

Want to stay in shape this winter? Be a part of the Zion Duo Challenge, a FREE (yes, you read that right, FREE) virtual two mile run/walk during the winter months. This month's challenge takes place on January 10.

What are the rules? Starting anytime after dawn on January 10, run or walk 2 miles in your neighborhood, on a nature trail, or even on your treadmill and submit the results via Google form. We have several age categories that will help you compare your result against others your age (age 0-4th grade, 5th-8th grade, 9th grade-99 years old). The winner in January and subsequent months will be the person who improves the most against their time month-to-month. No entry fee--this is FREE. Simply fill out the form and we will publish the results soon after the event concludes.

What if I didn't participate last month? There's still time to join in! If this is your first time, you'll be competing against others' overall time, as well as for the designation, "Faster than the Pastor" (faster than Pastor Ripke's time this month!). Hop right on in...we welcome new participants!

What if I want to run for a cause? Again, the Zion Duo Challenge is FREE--no donations needed! Pick a cause near and dear to you and go for it! If you'd like a suggestion, here's two: the McHenry County Conservation Foundation (https://www.mchenryconservation.org/get_involved/donate/give_a_gift.php) or the Zion Tuition Assistance Fund (submit donations to the Church office). But again--this event is FREE...no donation required!

Look forward to seeing you on the roads and trails this winter!